About Me

I’m Guanyu Li, a 2nd-year Ph.D. student in Institute for Network Science and Cyberspace of Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Mingwei Xu. For my last undergraduate year and first graduate year, I worked under the supervision of Prof. Jun Bi, a diligent and kind professor. Unfortunately, he suddenly passed away in Feb., 2019. Besides, I hold B.Eng. Degree in School of Computer Science & Technology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Research Interests

My research works explore how to utilize the programmability of networks and kernels to enhance the security of systems. Hence, I am familiar with Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and Programmable Data Plane (PDP, P4). In addition, I have digged into a set of fields, such as Cloud Gateway, Denial-of-Service attacks (DoS), Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS) and etc.


  • [01/2020] (Paper) Our paper Poseidon is accepted to NDSS 2020.
  • [08/2019] (Award) Our team win the 2nd prize on Hackathon at SIGCOMM 2019.
  • [07/2019] (Paper) Our paper NetHCF is accepted to ICNP 2019.
  • [09/2018] (Career) I will continue my Ph.D. study at Tsinghua University.

Selected Publications

More Info

More information about me can be found in the page CV, and more detailed publication list is displayed in the page Publications.